We invite you to join us for an artist-organized symposium exploring the concept of gathering through a wide range of meditations, scales, and shared experiences. The symposium will take place over three days at Eaton Workshop in downtown Washington, DC.

Washington Project for the Arts
March 30–April 2, 2023

Presented by Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) and directed by Prem Krishnamurthy and Asad Raza, this symposium is the culmination of two years of research, collaboration, and ideation. Alongside artists from DC and all around the world, Krishnamurthy and Asad have organized this three-day symposium so that we can experience collectivity and think together about how gathering intentionally and meaningfully might influence how we live and connect to one another.

“Push unusual ideas into the world”

Join us for a weekend full of experiences and speculations—from the spoken to conversations, and so much more. Together, we will consider the question, “How can we gather now?” through the very process of gathering. Our hope is that we walk away with new friendships, more questions, and inspiration for future gatherings.


  • Richard D. Bartlett
  • Melani Douglass
  • Emily Fussner
  • Prem Krishnamurthy
  • Natalia Lombardo
  • Jordan Martin
  • Asad Raza
  • Mindy Seu
  • Tiffany Sia
  • Alexandra Silverthorne
  • Nathalie von Veh
  • Naoko Wowsugi

More details about the presenters here

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March 31

Check-in and Registration

Prem Krishnamurthy & Asad Raza
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Tiffany Sia & Ed Doe
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DJ Set

Welcome Party & Karaoke

April 1

Coffee Hour (and Pastries)

Asad Raza & Prem Krishnamurthy

Rich Lorem & Nati Ipsum
“Consectatory Schoiab Lorna”

Melani Douglass
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Naoko Wowsugi
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Tiffany Sia

Short Films Screenings

Wellness Break

Lunch & Microsolidarity Games

Local DJ and Lorem Ipsum

Tiffany with Center for Land Affairs

Melani Douglass
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Naoko Wowsugi
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